european facial steps

At Revive, we use a European approach with our facials and think that all of the steps used are essential to getting amazing results. Below you can read what a facial at Revive might include.


We always start by taking a look at the skin under a bright light and a magnifying glass and do a small interview about home care routine and ask how the skin feels. This includes several questions about medication and supplements to see the condition of skin, what the skin needs, and what we could improve when it comes to home care. Then we will make final decision about which treatments should be performed.

skin analysis


This step is the best start to every facial. Cleansing prepares the skin for all the steps that are coming next. Depending on your skin type, we choose from several types of cleansers and toners specifically for you.


Helps to remove the build up of dead skin, loosens up impurities, and clogging of pores. Different types of exfoliating products will be used depending on the level of sensitivity.

Cavitation Peel - uses clean water and an ultra sound wave to lift off debris, dead skin cells, and power wash your pores.

High Frequency Stimulation - refreshes the skin by disinfecting and killing bacteria without drying out the skin, stimulates cellular regeneration and collagen production, and helps with tired puffy eyes and dark circles. 


This step can be used to open up the pores and allow for easier extractions or it can be used later during the massage to allow for better absorption of the products.

Aromatherapy can be added.

Manually extracting and deep cleansing pores. 



facial massage

Step by step massage routine designed to awaken stimulate, and work in rich products to the skin, including the outer layers, epidermis, and muscles.


Massage technique designed to enhance lymph flow which helps to remove toxins, harmful chemical buildup, and cellular byproduct lingering in the skin tissue. 

lymphatic drainage massage

Deeper massage featuring the touch of a hot stone that allows for deeper relation, softening of the deep tissue, and cutting through tension. This also helps with TMJ, tight neck, shoulder pain, and fatigue.

hot stone massage


This step is a very important part of the facial that nourishes and helps skin recover, depending on skin type and needs different kinds can be used: purifying, pore minimizing, anti aging, hydrating, and soothing.

Upgrade to an algae peel off mask or can upgrade to algae peel mask or warm paraffin mask with an additional $10.


At then end of your facial we will apply a serum, water based product that delivers a lot of nutrients to the skin, eye cream, lip cream, and a face cream. We choose a serum and face cream specifically for your skin.