It all started when…

Evie, owner and lead esthetician at REVIVE Skincare and Spa, is not a newcomer to the spa industry. Evie’s training quite literally spans the globe. She was professionally trained in Poland and England. She then spent time working on cruise ships traveling to exotic beaches, shaping eyebrows along the way. Eventually she settled her roots to the Connecticut region and hasn’t left since.  During these travels, she collected over ten years of experience.

After all the training she received both in school and in previous spa jobs, Evie realized it was time to take the leap and be her own boss. She loves providing luxurious spa services, but was ready to do it her own way, under her own roof, as REVIVE Skincare and Spa. Her goal was to take something that is often viewed as only a luxury and make it possible to be enjoyed as often as a necessity. Evie is going to make the world (at least her corner of it) take more time for themselves. This is why she created the calming environment at REVIVE for everyone to come in, unwind and be pampered.

When she isn’t shaping eyebrows and perfecting pores, Evie is always spending time with her husband and two boys. She enjoys cooking, gardening and all things sparkly. If Evie didn’t fall in love with the Spa business, she would be in interior design and you can tell as soon as you step foot into her spa.